Residence 9 Windows & Doors

Residence 9

Our Residence 9 windows and doors are designed to replicate traditional timber features, making this the ideal choice for conservation areas, or those that require an authentic look. These windows effortlessly replicate 19th century timber designs, combining them with modern technology and features.

Residence 9 Windows

British Manufactured

Residence 9 windows and doors promise superior quality, hand finished by our talented UK craftsmen offering you a quintessentially British manufactured window. All of our profiles can be made bespoke to suit your requirements, as we understand that every property type is different.

A flush exterior provides you with the perfect aesthetic alternative to true timber, whilst the interior creates a classic feel allowing for a stylish feature in your home. With our wide range of style choices, you’ll be able to add a touch of elegance to your home with ease.

Full Range of Hardware

We offer a full range of hardware and security options with our windows and doors. Choose from our wide range of hardware which includes butt hinges, monkey tails, handles and peg stays. This allows for a perfect fit within your home to suit your style.

All of our residence windows and doors meet the highest classification for wall thickness, with a large frame and the glazing structurally bonded to the sash. Engineered to meet both current and anticipated future standards, resulting in outstanding strength and security performances.

Energy Efficient

Both double and triple glazing can be accommodated with a Residence 9 window or door, meeting the thermal requirements for PassivHaus. Our windows far surpass the regulations set by the British Building Regulation.

Residence 9 windows and doors offer exceptional levels of energy efficiency within your home. Achieving an ‘A’ rating on the WER (Window Energy Ratings) scale. This high rating contributes to lower energy bills, which will keep you cool in the summer and cosy in the winter months.

This traditional looking profile achieves the highest grade in weather testing due to its inventive design. Giving a superior thermal and acoustic performance, offering your home with the top possible features.

Low Maintenance Authentic Appearance

We achieve a classic and authentic appearance whilst using maintenance free materials to replicate traditional timber joints. Which means that cleaning your windows will need minimal effort helping them to look newer for longer.

By avoiding sharp corners that attract dirt, the unique design of our Residence 9 window or door frame makes it easy to wipe clean. With fully foiled rebates which can be chosen to match the internal colour of your window, achieving an attractive and simple option for modern living.

R9 Windows

Authentic & Traditional Jointing

Manufactured using modern composite materials gives this profile a significant advantage over timber. Replicating traditional timber joints, the Residence 9 profile achieves a classic and authentic appearance whilst using maintenance free materials.

Extruded into strong and thermally efficient shapes, our Resident 9 profile gives you a beautiful woodgrain texture. The system successfully replicates the kerbside of a traditional timber frame. The profile features a flush, dummy sash making it perfect for the replacement of conservation windows.

Quality Build

Our windows are manufactured using modern composite materials, giving our profile design a considerable advantage over timber. With no repainting or staining required, allowing you to enjoy quality, that lasts.

By copying a historical design, our windows will look great on any period or contemporary property, replicating the traditional timber sightlines. No matter the style of your property, we can easily accommodate.


Our Residence 9 windows and doors can accommodate a 28mm double or 44mm triple glazing bead. Giving a superior thermal and acoustic performance, this traditional looking profile has achieved the highest classification upon weather testing due to an innovative design.

  • 100mm, 9 chambered design
  • WER A energy rated
  • Meets thermal requirements for ‘Passivhaus’
  • U-Value of 1.2 W/M2K with double glazing and 0.8W/M2K with triple.
  • Can accommodate 28mm double glazing and 44mm triple glazing

Residence 9 Windows and Doors Prices

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